Veterans Oasis Park
Veterans Oasis Park is a waste water recharge facility in Chandler, AZ, at the northeast corner of Lindsay and Chandler Heights Roads, similar to the Gilbert Water Ranch. It has a number of shallow basins with variable water levels and paths along the perimeters. There's an "anglers' pond" just off the parking lot with consistent water levels, paved walkways, and pavilions. The facility is too new for much vegetation, and the basins seldom hold enough water close to the paths for photography. To date I've done best at the anglers' pond, but there's lots of potential once the vegetation becomes established. All the waterfowl in this gallery were taken on the anglers' pond, as well as the Killdeer and Red-necked Phalarope. The Greater Roadrunner and the Horned Lark were along the dirt paths while the Yellow-headed Blackbird was in one of the shallow basins.
Western Grebe 130A-720

Western Grebe WEGR 130

Redhead 036A 720

Redhead REDH 036

Redhead 057A-720

Redhead REDH 057

Redhead 074A-720

Redhead REDH 074

Redhead 080A-720

Redhead REDH 080

Redhead 084A-720

Redhead REDH 084

Ring-necked Duck 248A-720

Ring-necked Duck RNDU 248

Ruddy Duck 191A 720

Ruddy Duck RUDU 191

Killdeer 673A 720

Killdeer KILL 073

Red-necked Phalarope 090NPN

Red-necked Phalarope RNPH 090

Greater Roadrunner 249A-720

Greater Roadrunner GRRU 249

Greater Roadrunner 269A-720

Greater Roadrunner GRRU 269

Horned Lark 036A-720

Horned Lark HOLA 036

Yellow-headed Blackbird 027A-720

Yellow-headed Blackbird YHBB 027