Purple Gallinule (Porphyrula martinica) is a close relative of the Common Moorhen, easily seen in the swamps of Florida, and in coastal areas of the southeastern U.S. from South Carolina west to Texas. It also occurs along both coasts of Mexico. In Arizona it is a rare vagrant with about 12 previous records.

This adult bird, discovered at the Gilbert Water Ranch in early September 2009 is the fourth AZ record since 2000 and the first record for Maricopa County.

This image was taken on Monday, September 7, 2009 from the area by the bench along the trail between ponds 3 and 4, near the large willow tree used by cormorants as a roost. Natural light, no flash, ISO 500.

A second bird (an immature) for Gilbert Water Ranch and Maricopa County was found in August 2012 (photographed on 8/29/12)