Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) is a widespread species so common everywhe that it is probably the best known of the puddle ducks. Only the male has the brilliant green head; females are a mottled tan. A southwestern form used to be considered a separate species called "Mexican Duck" and males of this race resemble females of the widespread form but have yellow bills without the black splotches of regular females (see MALL 051 and 053). All images made in in Phoeniz, AZ area.
Mallard 014B

MALL 014

Mallard 051B

MALL 051

Mallard 053B

MALL 053

Mallard 241NPN

MALL 241

Mallard 247NPN

MALL 247

Mallard 263NPN

MALL 263

Mallard 281NPN

MALL 281

Mallard 301A 720

MALL 301

Mallard 307A 720

MALL 307

Mallard 346A-720

MALL 346

Mallard 378A-720

MALL 378

Mallard 388A-720

MALL 388

Mallard 389A-720

MALL 389

Mallard 394A-720

MALL 394

Mallard 403A-720

MALL 403

Mallard 434A-720

MALL 434

Mallard 442A-720

MALL 442

Mallard 448A-720

MALL 448

Mallard 456A-720

MALL 456

Mallard 467A-720

MALL 467

Mallard 474A-720

MALL 474

Mallard 494A-720.jpg

MALL 494

Mallard 514A-720.jpg

MALL 514