White-winged Dove
White-winged Dove (Zenaida asiatica) has striking white wing panels make this bird easy to separate from the similarly sized Mourning Dove. The bight blue ring around eye can be striking. It is often found feeding on the fruit of Saguaro cacti . They form large flocks around cattle feed lots. All images from various locations in AZ.
WW Dove 267B

WWDO 267

WW Dove 285B

WWDO 285

WW Dove 290B

WWDO 290

WW Dove 296RNPN

WWDO 296

WW Dove 303NPN

WWDO 303

WW Dove 329NPN

WWDO 329

WW Dove 334NPN

WWDO 334

WW Dove 397NPN

WWDO 397

WW Dove 417NPN

WWDO 417

WW Dove 494BNPN

WWDO 494

WW Dove 502NPN

WWDO 502

White-winged Dove 561NPN

WWDO 561

White-winged Dove 575A-720

WWDO 575

White-winged Dove 578-720

WWDO 578

White-winged Dove 592A-720

WWDO 592

White-winged Dove 596A-720

WWDO 596

White-winged Dove 598A-720

WWDO 598

White-winged Dove 602A-720

WWDO 602