The bulk of this web site is comprised of photographs of wild birds, unrestricted in any way. I prefer to photograph my subjects without the use of bait or recorded calls to attract the birds to set-ups (which are essentially outdoor studios created to minimize the random parts of nature), wherever they chose to be and not where I force them to be.

The Avian Galleries (listed in the sidebar) are more or less in species order - the way scientists have determined they are most closely related and the way experienced birders think of them and find them in good field guides. But this order has been changing a bit in recent years as new evidence suggests different relationships, and I'm a bit behind in reordering all the lists I keep. I've made some compromises in naming the groups used here to make navigation a little easier.

I don't have any set-ups (perches placed in strategic places) in our back yard, but my wife does feed the birds here and they are less wary of us as a result. I occasionally photograph a few of the birds in garden settings by a manmade water feature or one of my wife's cactus.

Images continue to be added to these galleries as I take and process more of them, and less often an entirely new gallery is added. See the Site Updates page to track these changes (most recent changes at the top).

All the bird images posted here so far was shot on digital rather than film. I have finally shut down my old web site with film images taken prior to my switch to digital. Some of those older images may eventually show up here but that is a low priority chore for me at the moment.

At some future time I hope to add other galleries of my work covering other subjects.