Contributing a Plate

Since announcing these galleries of vanity plate images I've received a lot of feedback about plates not in my collection. The reason I don't have any specific plate is because I've never seen it and had the opportunity to photograph it. Over the years many friends have seen plates I haven't, and some of them have managed to get a photo and pass it on to me. I am considering a couple alternatives to acknowledging this in the galleries (or the index list I've yet to add here).

If you would like to contribute photos of plates not in my collection I'd be glad to receive them, but please note the following:
  • I can only use shots of reasonably good quality. That means: in focus, a good size for the plate itself, and exposed well enough to show reasonably approximate colors.
  • Plates should be shown large in the frame whenever possible. But not as tight as many I've taken and posted here! Showing a little of the surrounding area gives some flexibility in preparing it for the web, and can add some visual interest to the image. Review the galleries for examples.
  • I'm still on a dial-up connection, so large attachments are a problem. If you decide to contribute an image please limit the size of any attachment to no more than 500Kb. Please, only one image per email.
  • JPEG only! They are the key to keeping files small enough for email while still retaining lots of quality. See the guidelines in my Digital Tips on File Size Basics.
  • I can deal with a number of imperfections in images with Photoshop: many of my vanity plate images have been straightened to correct distortion from shooting in cramped parking lots.
  • If you send me a photo then I take that as permission to clean up the image (if necessary) and use it on my web site.
  • Please include your name, whether the plate is your own or someone else's, and the place and approximate date it was taken.