Vanity Plate Gallery Index

My collection of birding related vanity license plates has grown much larger than I ever expected. Making all these plates public on my web site has encouraged many people to send me plates I didn't have. As a result, the galleries have grown without much control and it is difficult to know where any plate might occur. My thanks to all those people who have contributed plates (their own and others) to this collection. I'd especially like to extend my thanks to Anne in Maine, Laurie in New Jersey, and Mia in Utah who actively look for these plates and go to great lengths to capture them for this collection.

At some point I hope to regroup everything, putting them in better order and balancing the size of each gallery. In the meantime this listing is meant to serve as an overview of all the plates in my collection so that visitors wanting to find a specific plate can know which gallery to open to see it.

1BBDUCK CA gallery 01 donated
2BIRDERS NC gallery 07
2C AVES CA gallery 07
3 MANX VA gallery 07
4 EAGLE NY gallery 04
4-BIRDS PA gallery 03
4BRDS ID gallery 03 donated
5 DUCKS AZ gallery 03
551 AUK CT gallery 01 donated
6 DOVES NJ gallery 07 donated
A HAWK VA gallery 03
A REDHED ME gallery 01 donated
A ROBIN PA gallery 04
AUK ME gallery 04 donated
AUKS MA gallery 04
AVES AZ gallery 07
AVES ME gallery 07 donated
AVES NJ gallery 07 donated
AVOCET NM gallery 07
AVOCET VA gallery 07
AZ RDRNR VA gallery 08
AZBIRDR AZ gallery 01
B1RDR UT gallery 08 donated
B2BRD FL gallery 01 donated
BARN OWL VA gallery 04
BARNOWL NJ gallery 04
BECARD PA gallery 04
BIRD AZ AZ gallery 02
BIRD II NJ gallery 08 donated
BIRD R AZ gallery 03
BIRDR ID gallery 03 donated
BIRDAWG AZ gallery 02
BIRDBUG AZ gallery 01
BIRDER CT gallery 08
BIRDER NH gallery 08
BIRDER NJ gallery 08 donated
BIRDER OR gallery 08
BIRDER VT gallery 08
BIRDER1 NJ gallery 08
BIRDER2 UT gallery 08
BIRDERS AZ gallery 08
BIRDING AZ gallery 08
BIRDING NM gallery 08
BIRDING NY gallery 08 donated
BIRDINN WA gallery 08
BIRDFRK IL gallery 03 donated
BIRDFRK OH gallery 03 donated
BIRDMAN NJ gallery 08 donated
BIRDMAN ME gallery 08 donated
BIRD-R PA gallery 08
BIRDR-1 CT gallery 08 donated
BIRDS MA gallery 08 donated
BURDR UT gallery 08 donated
BURDR2 UT gallery 08 donated
BLKNWHT ME gallery 09 donated
BLK VLT MT gallery 04 donated
BLKBRD ME gallery 04 donated
BLOOJAY WI gallery 01 donated
BLUE J ME gallery 01 donated
BRD LDY AZ gallery 09
BRDZ RUL CA gallery 09 donated
BRD-CHSR PA gallery 09
BRDNANY AZ gallery 09
BRDR BB AZ gallery 09
BRDSITR CA gallery 09
BRDZ NJ gallery 09 donated
BRRDER AZ gallery 09 donated
BUFFLHD AZ gallery 09 donated
BUTEO MD gallery 04
BUTEO NJ gallery 04
BUTEO OH gallery 04
BYRDY NJ gallery 09
C SNIPE PA gallery 09
CA BIRDR CA gallery 03 donated
CHAT NJ gallery 09 donated
CONDOR DE gallery 04
CORAX NJ gallery 09
CORVUS NJ gallery 06
CREX FL gallery 05
CURLEW ME gallery 05 donated
CURLEW NJ gallery 05
DOTRL NJ gallery 09 donated
DOVEKIE AZ gallery 09
DOVEKIE PA gallery 09
DOVKIE ME gallery 09 donated
DR DUCK NY gallery 05
DUCKS NJ gallery 05 donated
DUCKS MA gallery 05 donated
DUNLIN MD gallery 05
DUNLIN PA gallery 05
DUXNGEZ AZ gallery 05
EAGL I NJ gallery 05 donated
EAGLE C AZ gallery 05
EAGLET PA gallery 05
EGRET NJ gallery 05
EGRETS MD gallery 05
EIDER NJ gallery 10 donated
EIDER PA gallery 10
EIDER PA gallery 10
EIDER-1 PA gallery 10
ELF OWL NJ gallery 05
ELF OWL PA gallery 05
ELF OWLS PA gallery 05
EMPIE AZ gallery 10
FALKON PA gallery 06
FISHAWK NJ gallery 10
FLYAWAY NJ gallery 06 donated
FREGATA NY gallery 06
GADWALL ONT gallery 06 donated
GODWIT ME gallery 06 donated
GODWIT NC gallery 06 donated
GOOSE18 NH gallery 06
GOSHAWK MT gallery 10 donated
GOSHK NJ gallery 10 donated
GR8 BLU AZ gallery 02
GR8BLUE WA gallery 02 donated
GR8GRAY NJ gallery 10
GRAY J DC gallery 06
GRAY J VT gallery 06
GRG-BIRD VA gallery 10
GROUSE AZ gallery 10
GROUSE NJ gallery 10 donated
GRT BLU AZ gallery 02 donated
GT GRAY VA gallery 10
H2OUZEL AZ gallery 02
HARRIER UT gallery 10 donated
HARRIER VA gallery 10 donated
HAWK NJ gallery 10
HAWK II CO gallery 01
HAWK OWL NY gallery 11 old
HAWK OWL NY gallery 11 liberty
HAWKOWL NJ gallery 11
HAWKOWL AZ gallery 11 donated
HAWKOWL UT gallery 11
HAWXNEST NY gallery 11
HERON FL gallery 11 donated
HOATZIN NJ gallery 11
HOOPOE AZ gallery 06
HOOPOE VA gallery 06
HUM BIRD ME gallery 06 donated
HWK OWL CA gallery 11
HWK OWL AZ gallery 11
HY-BIRD WA gallery 11 donated
HYBIRD1 AZ gallery 11 donated
I BIRD NM gallery 11
IBIRD2 VA gallery 01
ICA NOWL UT gallery 11 donated
ICTERID AZ gallery 06 donated
ICTINIA CA gallery 06 Mississippi Kite
JACANA PA gallery 03 donated
JAEGER PA gallery 07
JAEGERS NJ gallery 07
JBIRD VT gallery 07
JUNCO NJ gallery 11
KESTREL AZ gallery 07
KESTREL MD gallery 07
KESTRL CA gallery 07 donated
KINGLET NY gallery 07
KISKA-D PA gallery 11
KIWI US AZ gallery 11
KUMUL AZ gallery 11
LAPWING NJ gallery 11
LARIDAE PA gallery 11
LOON MD gallery 11
LUV2OWL AZ gallery 01
LV OWLS NJ gallery 11
MARSHIE NJ gallery 12
MERL1N NJ gallery 12
MIMIDAE AZ gallery 02
MIMUS FL gallery 12
MOONOWL ME gallery 12 donated
MOTMOT PA gallery 12
MPDONAX CA gallery 12 donated
MR HOOT AZ gallery 03
MY-TERN PA gallery 12
NITEJAR AZ gallery 12
NXTBIRD ME gallery 01 donated
OISEAU NJ gallery 12 bird in French
ORIOLE1 NY gallery 12 donated
OL COOT TN gallery 12
OSPREY MD gallery 12
OSPREY PA gallery 12 donated
OSPREYS PA gallery 12 donated
OWLETS ME gallery 12 donated
OWLS NY gallery 12
PAJAROS AZ gallery 02 birds in Spanish
PARULA DE gallery 12
PARUS NJ gallery 13 donated
PARUS VA gallery 13 donated
PEACOK WI gallery 13 donated
PEALEI WA gallery 13 donated
PELAGIC PA gallery 13 donated
PEREGRNE ONT gallery 13 donated
PETREL ME gallery 13 donated
PETREL NY gallery 13
PETREL PA gallery 13 old
PETREL PA gallery 13 new
PEWEE NJ gallery 13 donated
PHAETHN CA gallery 13
PICA ME gallery 13 donated
PICID NJ gallery 13
PIGEON NJ gallery 13
PITOHUI AZ gallery 13
PINTAIL VA gallery 14 donated
PNGWIN ME gallery 13 donated
PNTAIL UT gallery 14 donated
PLOVER VA gallery 13
PRION RI gallery 13
PUFFIN NM gallery 13 donated
PUFFIN PA gallery 13
PUFFIN 1 NY gallery 13
QETZAL AZ gallery 14
QUETZAL AZ gallery 14
R L HAWK NY gallery 15
R T HAWK IL gallery 15
RAAPTR ME gallery 14 donated
RAILBRD WA gallery 14 donated
RAPTOR2 MI gallery 14
RAPTOR8 AZ gallery 14
RAPTORS FL gallery 14
RAVEN 1 AZ gallery 14
RB-AUK PA gallery 14
RD RUNR NJ gallery 14
RDRNNER UT gallery 14 donated
RDTLHWK WA gallery 14 donated
REDPOLL WA gallery 14 donated
REDSTART NY gallery 14
RED-TAIL PA gallery 14
REEVE DC gallery 14
RIVOLI PA gallery 15 old
RIVOLI PA gallery 15 new
ROK DUV AZ gallery 02
ROOK AZ gallery 14
RTHAWK1 PA gallery 03 donated
RUF LEG PA gallery 15
SAWHET NJ gallery 15
SAWWHET NJ gallery 15
SCREECH PA gallery 15
S-EGRET PA gallery 16
SHER H2O PA gallery 16 donated
SHOR BRD VA gallery 03 donated
SHRIKE AZ gallery 15
SHRIKE DE gallery 15
SHRIKE MA gallery 15 donated
SHRIKE NC gallery 15
SHRIKE NJ gallery 15
SIALIA PA gallery 16 donated
SKUA AZ gallery 16
SKUA UT gallery 16
SNGBRD WI gallery 16
SNOYOWL NJ gallery 16 donated
SNOWIE UT gallery 16 donated
SNO-OWL ME gallery 16 donated
SNW OWL AZ gallery 16
SNWY OW1 MA gallery 16 donated
SNYOWL MA gallery 16 donated
SORA NJ gallery 16
SORA PA gallery 16
STORK ME gallery 16 donated
STRIX V NJ gallery 16
SULIDAE CA gallery 16
SWAN 13 NJ gallery 17
SWANMAN AZ gallery 17
TANAGER AZ gallery 17
TANAGER NJ gallery 17
TANAGER VA gallery 17
TANGARA PA gallery 17
TH LOON CA gallery 17
TOWHEE NJ gallery 17 donated
TRINGA CA gallery 17 donated
TROGON AZ gallery 17 red
TROGON AZ gallery 17 yellow
TROGON PA gallery 17
TROGON VA gallery 17
TURDUS M VA gallery 17
TWICHR NY gallery 17 donated
TWTCHR DE gallery 17 donated
VEERY CA gallery 18
VEERY IL gallery 18 donated
VEERY NJ gallery 18
VERDIN AZ gallery 18
VIREO NJ gallery 18 tan
VIREO NJ gallery 18 conservation
VIREO PA gallery 18
WAXWING FL gallery 18 donated
WE * BIRDS CA gallery 18
WE BIRD VA gallery 18
WICHITY NJ gallery 18 donated
WOOD DK ME gallery 18 donated
WRENS NJ gallery 18 donated
WXWING NJ gallery 18 donated
XANTUS AZ gallery 18 donated
XENOPS AZ gallery 18